7 July 2019

My first real ebike snob.

I did a mediocre ten miles on the spiffy gray, non-electric bike, then headed home to switch up. I’d gotten a good workout in and just wanted the next 5-10 to be fun. I get my heart rate up just about as high on the pink beast—it’s all about the ratio of pedal assist to gears—but I can go a hell of a lot faster, and quite a bit further.

So I’ve already done ten miles, burned a fair number of calories, hopped on another bike and did five more, ending at Starbucks. And as I locked the bike up (two heavy duty U-locks; the bike is insured but I’m not stupid) Dorkas McBikelitist stops before going inside and snorts, “Get a fucking motorcycle, damn.”

I hot, sweating, super thirsty*, and all I want is an ice-cold passion tango tea. I have no patience for a bike snob, especially one who rolled up in a 4x4 pickup that might get 8 miles to the gallon.

“I have a fucking motorcycle at home. What’s your point?”

If he had a comeback of his own, it was lost as his spouse thingy prodded him inside, laughing her ass off at him.

For some reason, they didn’t stick around. Huh.

I got my tea, sat down and fired up the laptop, and realized I finished the short I was working on last night. I can proof and edit or start another one. I have no idea what I want to do, so I’m procrastinating by playing online and jotting down stupid thoughts as they occur to me.

I could work on the template for, but I’m not enjoying having started it using Wordpress. Blogger is just so much more intuitive for me, and I might move it. Or just link to a blogger site from the existing Wordpress page. Or something entirely self-hosted.

I dunno. If I were rich I would hire someone else to figure out all of this, as well as distribution of stories and books without DRM** and without risking pirating or outright theft. Whatever I wind up doing, I need to figure it out soon. The first short is almost ready to go.

**I’ll probably use Book Funnel. Y’all need to get comfy with sideloading your digital readers. Or reading off your computer screen.


Damn, I really want pizza.


Also, I want cake. I will cave into one of those this week. And it will be pizza. Not having cake until my birthday, because I will eat the whole thing and I should probably only do that once a year.


*That’s like regular thirsty, but I get to wear a cape. And by cape I mean backpack. Because it had my laptop, which I need to sit here and spew forth stupid chit no one really cares about.


Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

We are having similar thoughts. Not that I ride a bike (I just work around my yard a lot) but obnoxious pickup and motorcycle drivers annoy me environmentallly and neighborly. Nothing like hearing a motorcycle next door idling for 20 minutes while the owner cleans it loving the noise at 6 am.

I admit to driving a SUV, but only about 2000 miles per year. I have to haul a trailer often enough to bring yard debris to the mulching center and picking up compost for the garden.

But I really get the rest of it.

I have my mug of green tea every morning, sit down and list a few thoughts for the next Mark's Mews posts. I play Civ2 online briefly.

Blogger suits me perfectly. Most discussion boards are not as easy about posting pictures and replying to comments.

But you don'; part of keeping the mind active.t have to be rich to not "hire someone else to figure out all of this". I could but I don't. Figuring out some parts is interesting in itself.

I suspect that, if I didn't struggle to understand how new program updates work, I would be mentally 10 years older (and I don't have a WHOLE lot to go), LOL!

Sleepypete said...

Is pizzacake a thing ?

Please say pizzacake is a thing. :-D

Thumper said...

Pizzacake is totally a thing!