10 July 2019

Yesterday, the Spouse Thingy and I took a decently long bike ride, right around 18 miles. I tracked it with my Garmin, wore a heart rate strap, and burned a little over 700 calories.

Not bad.

In a PM exchange with a friend, she mused that I must have lost "crazy mad weight" from that ride, and was excited because she's buying a bike this week and wants to build up to the longer rides as fast as she can. does not lose crazy mad weight from one ride.

It was only 700 calories.

It felt like I should have dropped 10 pounds--my ass was on fire and still hurts today--but there's the math to consider.

It always comes down to math. Math is hard.

To lose a pound, you need to burn roughly 3500 calories (though I've read a couple articles lately that suggest some people have metabolisms that require a 7000 calorie burn.) If I ate at my TDEE, with no additional calorie deficit, I would have to repeat that ride 5 times to lose a single pound. I didn't inhale quite that many calories yesterday, but I was probably closer to it than I am on a typical day.

And the morning weigh in kicker? On days like that, there's enough muscle trauma that they tend to hold onto some water, so getting on the scale the next day is an Oh Hell No moment--it's usually up a bit.

That never surprises me anymore. I learned the hard way from training for and then walking the 3 Day. At the end of a 3 Day, I'm sometimes up 9 pounds, and it's all water.

Now, I'd like to get where I can ride like that everyday, but I think I'm going to need a different bike seat or an ass transplant before that happens. I don't think I can even get on the bike today it hurts so much. But maybe tomorrow.

But, day of decent riding does not really budge the scale.


Don't let that stop you, though. One day leads to two and that leads to three, and if you do it enough you'll get fit. Get fit. Fit is good. And then if you watch what you eat, the weight will take care of itself.

That's the theory anyway. I'm stuck in a very long plateau that's pissing me off, but...I'm getting fitter, which matters more to me.

Lose weight in the kitchen, get fit in the gym. Or on a bike. Or in a swimming pool. Whatever totes your goat.

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