6 July 2017



It's pretty well established, I don't handle heat very well. It's also pretty well established that I am not a morning person, and getting up early enough to beat the heat often doesn't happen in spite of my best intentions.

And it's not just walk training the heat interferes with. I kinda like a few other things, biking--and the pedal kind, not the motorcycle kind--is one of them. We bought a recumbent stationary bike a few years ago, without considering the fact that I'd replaced my recumbent road bike with an upright because of my lower back and hip issues. Yeah. I are teh dumb sometimes. The stationary bike just exacerbate those problems, so it went in a back room near the Spouse Thingy's computer and TV.

But because of the heat, we have this set up again. It'd be more fun to be outside riding, but that's not gonna happen again until them temps are under 75-80, so I hauled it inside, and with the Spouse Thingy's help got it on the green thingy, and I can ride it in here. This is gonna help the walking, too, I need the cardio work since I haven't been swimming as much (frakking shoulder...I would like a new one, thank you, but in a way that doesn't involve pain.)

(I would, BTW, give a bunch cash, some cookies, and even one of my Who toys to be normal and able to tolerate more than NorCal winter temps. I'm lazy but not THAT lazy that I'd actually prefer this to being outside.)

Once the bike was setup, I dug around in a closet and found a mount that I bought a few years ago; it clamps to the handlebar and holds an iPad, whch brings me to the real point of all of this.

What the hell do I want to watch on Netflix while I pedal the afternoon away? Amazon Prime is an option, too, if I can figure out how to get it working. I need a few binge-worthy suggestions (other than Jessica Jones, which I watched already. Or Sons of Anarchy, 'cause that's on my list but I haven't been in the mood for it.)

Pick your favorite, and leave it in the comments, here or at Facebook, which I'll link to the blog.

And yeah, I've lost track of how many times the dammit machines have been set up and moved around the house. It keeps the cats on their paws.


Elisa Mahoney said...

The Crown was a really good binge.

Jane2 said...

Since you're a pool gal, have you tried water running/jogging? You can do it in deep water or shallow - get a Finis timer, and you'll get a great workout without dying of heat/impact.

Conny Warren said...

Supernatural is pretty addictive.

Erin said...

I recently finished watching all the 14 years of NCIS - love that show! I once started to watch The Ghost Whisperer but lost interest after the first 3 years. I watched a British mystery series on Netflix called something (Parsley?)and Thyme which was EXCELLENT. Too bad the series ran only 2 or 3 years.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

First, I don't handle heat very well either. 80 and I wilt (NE genes). Second, I'm not a morning person either. Getting up at 10am seems "early". In my defense, I spent 35 years getting up at 5am to commute to work, and I haven't recovered from that even after 11 years of retirement.

As far as diversion goes excercising, I prefer powerful classical music (low volume in headsets). Or, oddly, watching Jeopardy on TV.

I have to do it in the computer room with the door closed so the cats can't get in. Otherwise, I'm afraid of a tail in the bike wheels or kicking a head with the pedals.