14 July 2017

Ok. The wondering of why someone would blame me for using Max's name is solved. But now I'm at fault for something else.

I can buy this. Stupid shit is super funny when you're drunk.

But, alas, peoples, I could not warn anyone about the horrors of the Fireball Hangover.

I've never had a hangover.


Enjoy your Ibuprofen today!


Carli N. Wendell said...

I have had maybe 1-2 hangovers in my life. I attribute it to my low alcohol threshold and someone teaching me to drink water and take Advil before going to sleep drunk.

One Fat Girl And Her Thoughts said...

One hangover thus far.
I was nearly 18, and bar major surgery to remove a 4 inch cyst before it took my womb and my life along with it, I have never felt so ill in all my days.
Swore then. NEVER AGAIN would I drink enough to feel THAT BAD.
And I meant it.
I know EXACTLY how much I can drink before I topple over the threshold, pushed by my favourite tipples. It took time, and a few I-feel-a-bit-groggy-and-slow days over the past decade and a bit, I'll admit: it hasn't been plain sailing. But, I managed it. Ne'r a full on hangover I have had since that day.
That isn't to say I don't enjoy a drink, though, 'cause that'd be a total lie. I really, really do. I'd have a couple of drinks every single night, if I could afford it: being tipsy's nice. ...But then, I suppose my tolerance would build up, and it'd take more to get me to that magic teetering point of feeling-utterly-lovely and oh-god-that-was-a-mistake, so...yeah. Better that I can't.
=takes her tipsy self off to bed, having said MORE than enough=

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Ah the self-assumed cleverness of the drunk. Been there myself a couple times. The question to the poster is whether that was a once a year event (and the apology does mean something) or whether it is a weekly routine and needs some fixing an apology won't satisfy.

Sometimes, a statement that makes great sense to the poster is just crap to everyone else. Sometimes it is "WOW, he sure wasn't himself tonight". When it becomes "oh no, not again", that's bad. ~ TBT