24 March 2016

Oddz n Endz #3,945,012v2

 ♦ Every time I plop down here and start to blog, my brain engages and every freaking thing I've been working on lately comes rushing at me. On one hand, it's good because I then take lots of notes and am making some pretty serious headway in Max's newest literary venture (and trust me, a cat writing fiction? I have to pay close attention) but am also getting seriously distracted by other ideas that are clamoring for equal time.

♦ Max's book was, originally, supposed to be a one-off. The potential is there for so much  more, though, that it will be at least 2 books, and could go on as long as people want to read the stories. Hell, the volume of notes and ideas is long enough to outlast us both. I may need to teach Buddah to write.

♦ Getting back to the gym has been going swimmingly. =snort= see what I did there?

♦ Now that the convertible is gone, and the weather is awesome, I'll probably ride the scooter to the gym more often than not. The only downside to that is all the protective gear. It's enough to make me wish I was like 90% of the other riders I see around here, in just jeans and a t-shirt.I hit the ground once, though, and even at just 35 mph I'm not willing to do that again without gear.

♦ Not really willing to with gear,, either, but, ya know...

♦ Ice cream for dinner may have been a mistake.

♦ I am so ready for this election cycle to be over.

♦ I want donuts.

♦ Seriously. Someone bring me donuts.

1 comment:

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Go for a used convertable. I miss my old 1966 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible every day. But a restored one costs $45K. But I'm considering it.

What flavor ice cream (and it better be REAL ice cream, not that "frozen dessert" stuff). I appreciate fruit in ice cream, but I generally go for true French Vanilla. I can add what I want.

I LOVE this election campaign. It reminds me that people are NUTS!!!

Donuts aren't the best things. Eclairs with real cream pudding (whatever they call tha real stuff) is the way to go. Add sprinkles if you must...