10 January 2016

My goals for the Hot Chocolate 15K were to have fun with it, and to not die. I did not count on developing the sinus infection from Hell and the dizziness it would bring. I did not count on the complete lack of training in the week and a half leading up to it, because of said sinus crap. I can't even roll over in bed without the world spinning around me (and while I have to admit, it's kind of a fun feeling) which is not conducive to walk/jog/crawling 9 miles. When you run, your nose does, too...only mine isn't running, all that gook is just flowing into my ears.

So between the lack of preparedness in being able to meet the pace, and the real chance I would face-plant right there on the Great Ocean Highway, we bagged the race today and opted to go shopping yesterday instead (hey, we each saved over $200 on the hotel rooms. So we spent it.) But...BUT...I am making up the mileage today, but in chunks that my spinning head can manage.

I hit the outlet mall this morning while it was still mostly deserted, and pounded out 5 miles, with a short break in there somewhere to get some tea (tip: don't try to powerwalk with hot tea in hand, even with a lid on the cup. It still comes out of the little hole) and after my lunch has settled, I'll do the rest, probably on the treadmill but maybe not. It's only 2:10 right now, so I'll have enough light if I want to head out in the next half hour.

The only thing I'm disappointed about is not showing up for the race. I wanted to be there, because it's freaking San Francisco, and walking there is always amazing. But that's it...not worried about upsetting anyone else, the lost entry fee, not getting a medal. I'm doing the miles anyway (even though I told DKM yesterday that I wouldn't. I got up this morning and it was like, hell yes, I'm doing 9 today) and I'm doing it at a pace I can handle, though quicker than I'd like, and in chunks that don't have me pushing through the dizziness.

What I truly do not what to do is risk an injury that will keep me from making it to the Pixie Dust Challenge in May. I honestly felt like going to the Hot Chocolate today was setting myself up for something stupid, and I really, really want to nail the PDC and make Tinkerbell my little bitch.

In fact, I'm looking at the events I've signed up for already, and pondering thinning the list, just so I don't push too hard and miss the two things I most want to do: the Pixie Dust Challenge (10K Saturday, Half Marathon Sunday) and then the San Diego 3 Day. I may (probably will) dump the Avon walk. I haven't made it to one yet, so why break that streak? It's what I do...register, plan, and then not participate. I might as well plan on not participating, and saving those training miles (not to mention the fundraising. I really don't want to bug people to raise that much, especially since The Spouse Thingy is walking this year, too.)

I think my charity events this year will be St. Baldrick's and the 3 Day...anything else I do will be for fun.

St. Baldrick's is at the end of next month...first person to donate $300 gets to pick the color I dye my hair for it.

Remember, this happened last year.

Splotchy green scalp.

It could be even weirder this year...


Mighty Kitty said...

You are such an inspiration! If I can come up with a very odd color, it just might be worth. $300. What is the deadline to donate so I pick the color… just in case I get the urge and my bank book is ok.

Mighty Kitty said...

Oops! End of next month! Ok. Got it.