22 December 2013

I've emailed you four times and you just ignore it; what have I done to offend you?

That's paraphrasing, but it's a theme in the last year or so. Someone emails, I don't respond, they email again...feelings get hurt.

I'm not intentionally ignoring anyone; I get anywhere between 200-350 emails a day and I try to wade through them as best I can, but some fall through the cracks, some get shuffled into my spam folder and I don't check that as often as I should, some I tell myself I'll answer after I get to business email...some I have no idea what happened.

But I truly am not intentionally ignoring you, if you're someone who has emailed and expected a response.

If you are someone I've failed to respond to, I am truly sorry. You haven't offended me; I'm simply not as organized as I should be. I could use the excuse that I'm juggling my work, Max's work, the writers I work with, networking and marketing, but the truth is I'm often inattentive and I just lose track.

I am sorry, though; genuinely sorry.

2014 I will endeavor to do better, but I won't promise, because I am easily distracted by shiny things, and life has a lot of shiny things to show me.


Carmi Levy said...

I've lost count of the number of emails I haven't returned because life got busy, there's only one of me, and the amount of available time in this universe hasn't increased.

I appreciate that most people "get" it, and cut me some slack. It irks me when I get baggy followup messages like you describe here, where they're indignant that I didn't immediately drop what I was doing and get back to them.

The fact that it's usually someone wanting me to do something for them (gratis, of course) is especially annoying. As a freelancer, my time is money. And every minute I spend answering how-to questions for folks who barely know me is a minute I don't have to pitch, write, hit deadline and keep the lights on.

What annoys me even more is when I DO take the time to respond in kind, only to never hear back from said individual again. Happens more often than not, and it's going to prompt yet another wave of changes in the new year.

Carmi Levy said...

Damn, Google suddenly activated auto-correct on comments....

naggy - not baggy


Victoria Henderson said...

Off chasing shiny------>

Mighty Kitty said...

True friends will understand and keep emails going out to you. I really admire your total honesty about the reasons you do not reply in timely fashion. It takes a strong character to be so honest! Have a merry Christmas with family and friends. You certainly deserve it!