18 December 2013

This guy

has dozens of different meows, and one of them sounds almost like "Yeah." Sort of a Mmyeah sound.

It makes for fun conversations with him sometimes, usually when it's time for food and he's working hard to get me to get up and open a can.

"Are you a hungry boy?"


"Do you want me to feed you?"


Tonight he started in on me early, about 45 minutes before snack time. It was non-stop whining, and I did my best to tune him out, not even acknowledge him, lest I encourage him to jack up the volume.

At about 9:55, five minutes before snack, he jumped up onto the back of my chair and stretched out...and finally shut up.

At 9:59 I told him it was time for snack, but he sure as hell had been awfully bitchy about it. And then I asked, "Are you a little bitch?"


At least he's honest. I kind of had to feed him after that. 


Robyn Harton said...

Nice when they're honest. hehe

Mighty Kitty said...

I hear ya one this one! My Jamie has the same thing but it's more of a ah huh like he is agreeing with ya. Max is one cool dude! He is fortunate to have you and I know how you love him!
like Robyn said, it is nice when they are that honest!

Lsamsa said...

Funny about the 'set' snack time. We do the same with Mr. Bean.
Gets a little confusing when daylight savings time stops & starts...but we deal. Mr. Bean not so much.
Our Bean has this little guttural voice going on...we call him our little Jewish kitty.