11 December 2013

Remember this?

It was my awesome (shuddup) first sketch of the tattoo I wanted to get in remembrance of my parents.

Then it became this:

and it morphed a couple more times, until I had a scribbled-out sketch of 2 cats that looked less like chipmunks, sitting under a tree, in front of the moon.

I took it to Big Greg, who did not laugh at my artistic endeavors.

He knew what I wanted from it: lots of color, and two cats, one leaning into the other; my parents were cat people, it made sense to represent them that way.

He had his own ideas, which sounded good because hey, he knows what works on the skin and how well certain things mesh together. HE said he'd come up with something kick-ass for me, and today was the day.

It was kick-ass, all right.

It blew me away, and that was before I saw the color.

He had an idea of two cats in the tree, a tree in full foliage, springing forth from a book...the story of their lives. And they're gazing into the sunset, together, where they should be.

He captured exactly what I hoped for.

It's on my left arm to the side of my bicep, near my tattoos for The Spouse Thingy's dad and mom.

My folks might not have liked tattoos, but I think they would appreciate this one, and how beautiful it turned out.

I couldn't be happier with it.

And no, I'm not done. There are more tattoos in my future, as I embark upon becoming the kind of person my mother was afraid of ;)


Meg McGuire said...

OMG that is so awesome! (and I am not an ink-type person!)

Victoria Henderson said...

Amazing work on the book & tree, particularly. If it helps, you're already the kind of person my mother was afraid of.

Crazy Cat Lady said...

Amazing work!

Marie Alexander said...


Angel and Kirby said...

It is beautiful. Even though I am like your Mom and do not care for Tattoos, you and my daughter do. I hope that she would pick one as lovely and romantic as yours if she ever wanted to represent her parents!

las794 said...

Big Greg is sure talented--I love the shading, especially in the sky!