3 October 2013

I'm not uber-religious; I have no stomach for organized religion anymore, but I have my beliefs and my faith, and those are pretty strong.

I try--and I stress try--to not judge people. I figure someone else's sin is no greater or different than my own, so I honestly try to not place judgment on someone else for the clothing they wear, the music they listen to, the words they choose when speaking, or their political bent. Face it, when you're looking down your nose at someone else, you stop seeing clearly. When you point a finger at someone...well, count how many are pointed back at you.

I know what being judged feels like, from the sneer about the clothes I wear, the tattoos I love, the pink hair, and the occasional potty-mouthed moment. I sense the hypocrisy in it, knowing that the person sneering at me or dismissing me probably has history littered with poor choices and outright stupid utterances.

We all have them. If it's something you've ever done, you don't really have a right to pass judgment of others doing the exact same thing. So I make a concentrated effort to not judge.

But. BUT...

...if you're a supporter of Tea Party politics and the complete crap Boehner and his cronies are pulling right now...oh yeah, I judge you. I judge you hard.

The Tea Party stranglehold is immature and selfish and beyond intelligent comprehension.

So yeah, if you side with them and are enjoying this governmental sideshow being manipulated by Boehner, if you think it's perfectly all right for women and kids in need going hungry because WIC is running out of funds fast; if you think it's terrific that military commissaries are closed, pushing our young active duty members--many of whom qualify for food stamps--into shopping on the economy where their food costs will be beyond their ability to afford; if it doesn't bother you that medical care is pushed aside for veterans and those who have military medical and therefore cannot now get an appointment with their doctors; if you're perfectly fine with the idea that this whole shutdown has the potential to make homeless a whole lot of people, all because of the Affordable Health Care Act that has already been passed by Congress, vetted by the SUPREME COURT, and its demise shot down over 40 times suck.


G.G. Mueller said...

To everything you said.

Mila said...

Kat, I adore you so much. I really do.

Dorothy said...

Yes, yes, yes!

I had wondered how the Tea Party had any support before this.

I'm truly puzzled now. Do those people seriously lack ANY brains? How can they justify backing this sort of $h&t?!?!

That spinning sound you hear? The founding fathers of this country, truly pissed at what's being done in their name.

Must quit now. Thumper, you rock!!!

Anonymous said...

You...are..FREAKIN AWESOME!!! Everything you said is dead on. They're ALL acting like tantrum throwing toddlers and it's sickening.

David E. Francis said...


I am in total agreement with your post. (As much as one human can be in agreement with another.)

Very good post.

Bella said...

It doesn't bother them because they all have plenty of money and insurance so they are directly affected. Shame on them!

Anonymous said...


caircair said...

And this is why I am now a supporter of the Modern Whig party. (And yes, it's a real thing.)

Jane2 said...

Yes!! As a Canadian, I'm shocked that elected people are proud of shutting down their own government. I crossed the border this weekend, and was outraged that the guard was working for no pay. I started ranting, and he didn't say a word, which in US border guard-speak is complete agreement, because those guys are *not* chatty.

I'm not crazy about Evil Steve Harper and his gang who are running my federal government at the moment, but I know they were elected legitimately, and I know the minority opposition would never, ever shut down the government for something the majority party passed fair and square.

las794 said...

You are brilliant and I so agree. I cannot fathom what passes for "rational" thought among Tea Partiers.

Lori JK said...


The Furry Bambinos said...

Amen! At work, I sit next to an anti-government vitriolic spewing selfish person. I don't want to hear this crap on tv or the radio, much less daily at work. It saddens me that so many people who have so much are so self-absorbed, self-centered, and selfish. I was not raised with much, but we shared what we had. Thanks for writing yet another post of yours with such clarity and emotion.

Mom Sue to The Furry Bambinos and Many Assorted Fosters