2 October 2013

Oddz N Endz #3,874,016.9x3

  • Saturday afternoon, after having come home in major disappointment from not walking in the Avon walk thanks to my stoopid gut, I was ready to get an appointment with the doc. That chit had been going on too long; it was time. But then Sunday rolled around and it was like a switch had flipped, and I felt a lot better. I was still not sure, still thinking I needed to go see him, but Monday rolled around, and I felt human. So...I decided to wait and see, and am still waiting. I'm not declaring anything resolved, just...waiting.
  • In the list of possible things it could have been/could still be: diverticulitis, colitis (just not as bad as last year), the start of Crohn's, soda withdrawal, or pineapple licorice. Seriously, it could have been the licorice. Over the last month I've had a few pieces just about every day because that chit is delicious, but oddly enough the last time I had it was around last Wednesday...which means any effects from the licorice extract would have run out right around Sunday.
  • In other news, pineapple licorice has actual licorice extract in it. I just figured it was named so because it's squishy twisted self is made to look like licorice.
  • I am also keeping firmly in my head that last year the gastroenterologist warned I might have the beginnings of a chronic inflammatory bowel issue.
  • I am getting far too comfortable discussing poop with people.
  • The Spouse Thingy is off this week, so I'm glad things are not awful. We can do things.
  • The weather is perfect, so that means lots of car-top-down driving.
  • We played miniature golf this afternoon, which was fun until someone's little brats--and they were brats--started running round, cutting through and over holes, including right onto the green where I was about to putt.
  • Yes, I yelled at the little shits.
  • I'm sure their mom heard.
  • No, she did nothing about them.
  • I just looked to my left, toward the floor, and realized I have nearly 400 mini candy canes. Keep them all, or hand them out on Halloween? We only get like 5 kids coming to the door. Hm.
  • I still have not sold my motorcycle. Haven't done anything about selling it; I haven't ridden it either. I really need to sell it.
  • Wanna buy a pretty motorcycle?
  • Sure, you do.
  • Fine.


MeezerMom said...

80 candy canes for each kid sounds reasonable to me.

Angel and Kirby said...

Candy canes for trick or treat! Great idea. They are already putting out Christmas decorations, so why not!

Carolina Cats said...

Horses love candy canes. Ride your motorcycle out to the country and find some horses to spoil! (Prolly a good idea to check with their peeps first though)