7 August 2012

It's a lot like this, but with more cat on the keyboard
Brain Dump #87,269,876.876
  • No matter what Max is trying to tell the world, the Spouse Thingy did not leave. He’s at the AANA conference and will be back tomorrow. Swearsies.
  • Last weekend was the Cleveland 3 Day walk…last year they have over a thousand walkers and raised 2.8 million; this year they had 960 walkers and raised 1.6 million.
  • Interesting (to me) tidbit about that: they had over a thousand people register, but they’ve removed the delayed self donation option, so a whole bunch of people couldn’t walk.
  • I fully intended to work on Max’s next book this weekend, but so far have only really proofread what I’ve already got. I kind of lost the direction I was headed with it…I’m pretty sure where I was going was lost in a Percoset haze while I was sick.
  • He is not being helpful about getting me back on track. Half the time I sit here at my desk, and he plops down on the keyboard.
  • There’s half a page of mmmmmmmmmmmbbbbbbbbbccccccccccmmmmmmmm embedded in his manuscript now. I’m tempted to leave it because, hey, he wrote it.
  • It’s not helping that I have these other story things pinging around in my head. For the last few months I’ve had a young adult story brewing in my brain, and it’s fighting with Max’s story to get out.
  • I have also spent way too much time surfing around online, getting new tattoo ideas. There will be ink in my not-too-distant future.
  • No, not you. You either.
  • My desktop PC system is about to croak, I think. I won’t need to replace it, but all my music is on there and I can’t find the software I need to transfer it all off that computer to another, and not sure I can transfer from a PC to a Mac.
  • Yep, my life is First World Problem heavy. Envy me.


Camie's Kitties said...

You should be able to transfer your music to itunes, and then on to your mac that way - or put it in the cloud and pick it up on your mac or ipad, or iphone, or...

Thumper said...

It's a lot of music, way more than I have Cloud storage...that would be the easiest way, but probably $$$

Undr said...

iTunes Match, Thump. $25/year. Should work for moving your music.

Sleepypete said...

Thumper - if all that music is on iTunes, then iTunes makes it very easy ...

Go to the Homeshare bit, have both machines logged into the same Homeshare (cos they're both on your account right ? lol!). And then you can copy from one library to another, from within iTunes.

It's what I use to back up the iTunes library on my laptop to one on my desktop. Homeshare lets you see what's missing, which lets you do quicker backups.

PS Hope that works ... otherwise it's into more arcane networky stuff ...

Marti said...

I keep my music files in a small (portable) external hard drive. It's in itunes on my laptop, but the files have to live somewhere, and the laptop doesn't have enough space.

But what your other friends say will probably work for you.

Angel and Kirby said...

I hate having to move to a new computer!

Thumper said...

iTunes Match crashed on me...hadn't even thought about homeshare! I'll give that a try, too!