4 August 2012

Hangin' in SF with Flat Max back in June

Many, many months ago, the Spouse Thingy mentioned that this years' AANA conference would be in San Francisco, and I squealed and told him he had to go, because then I could tag along and explore more of the city while he attended sessions or classes or whatever the hell they call those multi-hour blogs of lecturing and teaching and sharing.

I had plans, dangit. Shopping. Wandering around the Museum of Modern Art. Finding a place to sit and people-watch. Shopping.

Then a month ago I got sick, probably sicker than I have ever been, and going was seriously in doubt.

But then I started feeling better, and figured I would be fine by the day we were supposed to leave. Still, on Monday I told him I wasn't sure, because I was still awfully tired, so I wasn't counting on going.

I wanted to, for sure.

A couple of days ago I realized I was actually feeling pretty good. And I started thinking I would probably be fine as long as I didn't push it too hard. I could go, crash in the hotel room when needed, and shop and wander and shop when I felt like it. And even if I didn't go, there's a lot around the house that needs to be done, because face it, I haven't done anything around here for a month.

In fact, I felt so good yesterday that I decided to move a few things around in the bedroom.

I cleared off a TV stand that was used for everything but a TV, intending to move it to the front room where it would wait for a week or five to be donated to Goodwill, after which I would move a bookcase to the spot where it had been. With everything off and out of the stand, I bent at the knees, leaned over to get a good grip...and felt something near my hip go pop-pop-pop.

Oh joy.

Almost the right spot...
Still bent over, there was a nice ribbon of Ouch running from my backside, over my hip bone, and into my groin. When I stood up, a nice, thick, jagged knife of Oh Hell No joined it, which resulted in the Spouse Thingy having to move the stand and the book case, complete with books, while I shuffled into the living room and tried to to sit in my recliner.

Motrin, heat, was pretty clear pretty fast that I was not going anywhere this weekend.


Nor was I going to get any of that delayed housework done.

That's much less of a dammit there.

On the bright side, I don't think anything actually tore, or if it did it's not too bad. I have really good pain meds on hand for night, and I suspect by Monday or Tuesday it won't be bad at all.

But yeah...I need a new body because all this tearing of things and pulling of things and getting sick is getting really, really old.


Angel and Kirby said...

I am so sorry you missed out on a weekend in San Francisco! Even if all you did was stay in the room it would have been fun!

Sleepypete said...

That sounds similar to where mine went pop ... Lower back, slightly to one side. Makes you feel like your puppet strings have got cut.

I managed to get through the rest of my game (no sense, no feeling!) with the adrenaline letting me ignore it ... and then could barely move for the next 3 days.

Back trouble isn't fun - I hope your's settles quick :-)

PS With mine, I have to be very careful about twisting - bending or turning is usually ok, bending+turning for a twist - bad news.