27 August 2012

At McD’s yesterday:

I’m sitting at a booth near the back; it’s not particularly busy so I don’t feel weird about being there with just a drink cup; I have my iPad and wireless keyboard, and am typing pretty hard because obviously pounding the keys makes the words get onto the iPad faster…or I was just frustrated because there’s a huge lag between typing and seeing the words on the screen. While I try to not punch the iPad right in the feels, a woman and little girl sit at a table across from me.

Little Girl: How come that lady isn’t eating?
Mom: Maybe she’s not hungry.
LG: Then what’s she doing?
Mom: Typing.
LG: Why?
Mom: I don’t know. Maybe she’s writing email.
LG: Well, whoever she’s writing to I think she’s mad at.

After a few more frustrating moments, I decided to stop for a few minutes, before I chucked my (potentially dying) iPad across McD’s, and got up to refill my drink and get a hot fudge Sundae. By the time I got through the line again and was able to sit back down, I really didn’t feel like writing anymore, so I opened up Flipboard and surfed through things in Google Reader.

LG: Well, that makes sense. Ice cream makes everything better.

Yep…well, unless you’re lactose intolerant.

Yeah, I went straight home after that, just in case…


Angel and Kirby said...

I love to over hear childrens conversations

DKM said...

MacBook Air.... just sayin'

Shaggy and Scout said...

This time you were the watched and not the watcher.

kenju said...

Out of the mouths of