23 May 2012

Just before, during, and after Mother's Day, I was battling a simple cold that left me wrapped in fatigue, plus the Boy had to work, so we put off doing anything. Then a few days ago he and I were texting, and he brought up that he had a few days off, so how about a family trip to Reno? It was mostly kidding, but I thought, why the hell not? The cats would be fine for one night, and his roommate could feed his dog one night.

I had to check with the Spouse Thingy, but I didn't think he had any other plans. Plus, the boy was paying for the rooms. Happy Mother's Day! Sweet.

So off to Reno we went yesterday morning. It's a three hour drive up the mountain, but the views once you get past Sacramento are pretty sweet, so it's not a horrible three hours. It's only awful if you have to pee and you realize you just passed the rest stop...not that I've had any experience with that in the past.

We got there around 1:30 and checked in, and then headed out to wander around and find food. One of the things I really wanted to see was just a couple streets over, so we headed there and I finally got to take a look at the National Bowling Stadium.

Don't laugh. I used to be a decent bowler with an average hovering around 160. I like bowling. I miss bowling. And I wanted to see a bowling alley with 78 active lanes.

It was impressive. And they had food there. So we ate and then went walking, mostly to see what there was to see, and what there was to see was a lot of slot machines and people gambling. After a while the Boy went off on his own, because he plays poker and we do not, so the Spouse Thingy and I wandered a while more, musing that the area has kind of gone downhill since we were last there. So many closed storefronts, the Fitzgerald Hotel and Casino is gone and the building is now used for rock climbing. Some of the older casinos have that ick factor practically painted on the walls. But the major hotel casinos are still there and look really good for their age, and we found a non-smoking slot area in the Silver Legacy, so we played there for a bit, where I seethed at the machines for being mean to me while they were nicer to the Spouse Thingy.

Seriously, they like him. He doesn't win big but he usually breaks even...I tend to lose a lot of money. was fun. We walked around 7 miles just wandering around to see what there was, stopping to play the occasional slot machine. One our way out, when I was sure I was done, I spotted something bright yellow and shiny, and had to go see. And once I saw, I had to take a chance.

The grand prize on a 2 cent slot machine...2012 BMW z4 convertible.

Thumper wanted it.

Thumper really wanted it.

Thumper wanted it enough to put $50 in the slot machine, even knowing the odds were a bazillion to one.

Thumper left disappointed.

But...there was booze to be had back at Harrah's, where we were staying. And it was really good booze, too. I had one of the smoothest Long Island Teas I've ever had, and a spiced rum & coke than damn near ripped a hole in my tongue it was so strong. It soothed the crushing feeling of not winning a long shot BMW.

Plus, I learned that I like spiced rum...

I blew through more money than I wanted to, but it was fun...and exhausting. The original plan had been to check out of the hotel this morning and then hang around for a couple of hours, but the drive there and then all the activity afterward knocked me on my ass. If checkout had been later, the guys could have bummed around while I curled up on the bed and snooze, but we had to be out by 11, and I honestly didn't think I could do much more than get in the passenger seat of the car for the ride home.

Usually, I drive. It's a control thing...I'm a horrible passenger and am stressed as hell when I'm not behind the wheel, but it would have been a bad idea for me to be in control of a Chevy hurtling down the mountain at 70 mph, so the Spouse Thingy drove. There's a side benefit to having to give up control of the car to someone get to see more stuff around you, and I-80 between Auburn and the outskirts of Reno is beautiful.

Next time...Vegas. I bet I can blow through a good chunk o'change there!


Judy (kenju) said...

I've never been to Reno or Vegas, but Atlantic City put quite a dent in my wallet!!

Angel and Kirby said...

I have never been a gambler and never played slots! I think I will have to go to the Casino in Oklahoma just once before the Army moves my son to another permeate post!

I am reading Rock the Pink and loving it!

Geekwif said...

Hey, what a coincidence! That's my bowling average too! Oh, wait. There's a 1 in front of that 60. Yeah, mine's just 60.

Glad you had a fun post-Mother's Day with the Boy and the Spouse Thingy.

caircair said...

Vegas is great! Not only is there so much more to see and do - especially if you like cheesy museums - you can gamble at penny slots if you want to make your $$ last longer.

Shaggy and Scout said...

Gotta love those spontaneous things that come up! Sorry about the car though. I'll *bet* you were close though!
Glad you enjoyed the, what do you call them?....stupid drinks, silly drinks?!
Anywhoo sounds like a good time!

Thumper said...

Stupid drinks LOL