17 July 2011

If this were a little black kitty, it could be Buddah...
I've been learning to love the treadmill; on days when I sleep too late to get out and walk before it gets hot, or on high mileage days when I don't want to stay outside that long, I've been using ours to get my walking done. And I am learning to love it, simply because inside there's air conditioning, and I can read or watch a video while plodding through each step.

I also set the speed a little faster than I walk normally. And it's working; my walking pace has increased quite a bit.

I've also been swimming a lot. I'm not exactly a speed demon in the pool--I probably swim 3000 meters in an hour, right around 2 miles--but it's not torture and I look forward to it.

I was looking forward to it today; I planned on hitting the gym at about 10 a.m. and using a treadmill there, and then hitting the pool for an hour, but... 15 miles yesterday kicked my ass.

Literally, I think. It started last night with a pain to my right buttcheek, and when I got up this morning I hurt like crazy on my entire right posterior side. I know the cause--using a backpack I normally don't on a long walk--but knowing that doesn't exactly help every time I try to get up and feel like I'm 95 years old.

And nearly every time I get up I groan inwardly. I really am getting too old for this chit. Not that I'll quit because I do enjoy the walking and swimming, but I'm thinking it's time to go with one of the Spouse Thingy's long-term wants.

Not that, you sick freak.


If I'm going to keep moving on a daily basis, this is turning from something that would be nice to have to practically being medical equipment.

That's justification, right?



Motor Home Cats said...

I think you should go for it, and if you can get your doctor to write you a prescription for one, you might even get a little tax break too.


Christie Critters said...

Absolutely Medical Equipment!

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

WE want one of those, too! we had not thought about it as medical equipment!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the yoga classes? That might help stretch out the sore spots.

kenju said...

A hot-tub is essential for me, if I am going to get any exercise at all! And if my MIL hadn't been so jealous of me, I might have one here at home. We were about to buy one (the doctor had told mr. kenju it would help his back) and then she spoke up and said..."Why do you always give her everything she wants?" He didn't want to tell her it was his idea to buy it, so he dropped it. Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face!

Thumper said...

I must admit, I have not yet tried yoga...I've been getting into the swimming so much that when I'm at the gym, if there are lanes open, that's where I am.