9 April 2010

The day before yesterday, after the Spouse Thingy nicely assembled my Trikke, I tried riding it in the court out in front of the house; the problem is that the court is just not an especially level street surface, which is not ideal for learning on. It crowns in the middle, and slopes a little bit downward on one side and upward on the other. I needed flatness, so we headed for a grade school parking lot, where I got the thing to move, decided I wanted to expand a little bit, so we went to the park where I could go round and round on the sidewalk. Flatness, other than the annoying seams in the cement.

Today I took it back out to the court, determined to figure out how to ride it there, getting it up the very, very slight incline, and still maintaining some speed.

I knew I had to lean, that's what makes it work. It finally clicked that it would move and accelerate if I rode it like I was taking a motorcycle through a slalom of cones: back and forth, weaving through the imaginary cones. It worked; other than a few times when I lost momentum because a car came onto the court, I zipped around for a hour, and only stopped because I didn't want to overdo it.

My legs are feeling it now and I may be sore tomorrow. But, this is what I wanted—a workout I would actually look forward to doing. It's supposed to rain this weekend, which is bumming me out. Not only will the Trikke stay put, but I finally got my scooter back after being in the shop for 2 weeks, and I might not be able to ride it, either (ok, I could ride in the rain, but that doesn't float my boat...)

My goal: to be able to use it as transportation, and get it over to the frozen yogurt shop where I can negate all the calories I've burned.

Everyone needs goals.


Chazya said...

total awesomeness and I am slightly jealous. I have been wanting one of those since they first came out. I told myself i can get one if i reach one of two goals, get out of debt or lose 100 pounds.

You go girl!

Chazya said...

i want in lime green or orangey orange, in case any of your readers is feeling generous.


Angel and Kirby said...

I knew you could do it!

Karen Jo said...

Way to go! It looks like fun. I hope your legs don't get too sore. It is a bummer about the rain. It would come just when you have a new toy and your scooter is back from the shop.

Roses said...

My friend LaLa and I used to walk every Wednesday. Our route always passed the frozen custard stand.

It's not a goal, it's motivation. :)

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

That thing is so cool! Glad you've figured out the how-to's and can have a little fun with it now!