26 April 2010

A couple of weeks ago, right after I got the Trikke, I was told about this nifty little device that would help me keep track of the distances I go, time it takes, and more importantly, heart rate and calories burned.

Out of all of that knowing my heart rate has been important; a few times I've had to stop and cool down a bit because I've exceeded my max HR, though not by much. What I've liked most about it is knowing how far I've gone and how fast--seeing that I can shave some time off my distances--and the calorie burn (used to justify a burger, of course...)

But then I discovered I can do this:

Map 2-24-10

Clicky to see full page

I can see maps of where I've been, my average paces, sweet little graphs.

It's awesome.

And because it maps my whereabouts and I can share them with the world, I'm likely to expand my distances, because my ego is that big.

Barring rain, over the next 10 days the Spouse Thingy and I are going to check out some other places to Trikke (because he has a few days off...) and we'll probably do some other things, but dangit, I want to make my maps all squiggly with red lines.

And then, justify a burger and fries.

A really big burger and fries...


Chicka said...

It also satisfies the nerd in you. heh.

Anonymous said...

please be careful though - it looks like you can see a map to your house too.... eek. (I don't mean to be anonymous - I just don't want to sign up for a google account)

Marti said...

That garmin data is pretty cool.

Angel and Kirby said...

That sounds like a cool tool!

Angus Mhor said...

Okay, Thumper. I'm, now that you've had it a couple of weeks, what kind of calorie burn, muscle work, fitness results? I'm reading your posts and I'm seriously considering it.

Angus' Mom

Thumper said...

In 50 minutes or so (about 4 miles with a few water breaks) I'm burning between 500-600 calories and getting my heart rate up into the 150s, sometimes higher, but since that's inching into 90%+ of my max, that might not be the smartest thing on my part... It's working the major muscle groups--I can feel the burn in my quads, back muscles, triceps and delts, and when I first started I could feel it in some of the smaller stabilizer muscles, but I don't feel that quite so much now.

As far as fitness...I know I've increased my endurance on the Trikke; after I got the hang of it on the court out in front of the house and ventured out, 3 miles was a WOW, and I did that in about an hour. Now I'm up to 4 miles in 50 minutes, and could probably go a little longer but I'm running out of water (the Spouse Thingy does not...I suspect I drink more because of my diabetes insipidus...)

So far it's the best cardio workout I've done in a long, long time. Worth every penny, I think...

Angus Mhor said...

I bought one! ~ Angus' mom

Max, should my mom totally bite it and leave me an orphan-cat, I'm packin' my bags and headin' for your Casa...I'm just sayin'. ~ Angus

Thumper said...

Sweet :)

Do you have it already or are you waiting for delivery? When you get it, you're either going to come back with a WHEEEEE or "Holy carp Thumper this is your fault and you SUCK."