24 April 2010

Odds n Ends #987,267
  • I am having way too much fun with the Trikke. I managed to get it going fairly easily when I started, which made me happy, but tiny little, nearly invisible inclines were kicking my ass. Now I can get up with with only marginal effort.
  • I'm up to 4 miles at a time on it; yesterday (with frequent water breaks) that took me an hour. Today I did it in 50 minutes, with a couple of water stops and a couple of stops to answer questions from curious people.
  • I did not mind; one of those people seems to want one, the other was just curious about it, but it was good to stop to get my heart rate down a little, as it was a touch over what I think my max should be.
  • I need a bigger water bottle. I could have stayed out a little longer today and gone further, but I ran out of water, and for me that's a big no-no.
  • I wore shorts. That's a Big Farking Deal.
  • Only lost one pound last week, but that's all right. If I can get back to a pound a week, I'll be happy.
  • I shaved my legs so I could wear shorts...that might be a pound right there.
  • I may not resist the temptation to go back out later for an easy. Just for fun ride.
  • I want cake.


craziequeen said...

Loving the videos of you and Spouse Thingy on the Trikke :-)

Sounds like the Trikke is perfect for you, Thumper!

MB has dusted off my bicycle and blown up my tyres ready for me to start using it again in the nice weather :-)


Angel and Kirby said...

Keep it up on the Trikke!

Karen Jo said...

Good going, Thumper. Keep it up.