Um. Yeah. I've had a major case of blog block this week. I had stuff to write about, but when I tried... it was TeH BorInG. Like this, I imagine.

In the midst of my blog block I've been searching high and low for the CDs with the original source documents for my books. Apparently I saw no need to keep the .doc files, but I did keep the PDFs. So now I'm trying to format the books for use on the Amazon Kindle, and my results are less than spectacular. Essentially I need to change it from PDF to HTML, which is entirely doable... but I wind up with this:

Sentences that have this very annoying
break in the middle,
often in several places, because for whatever
reason, exporting
from PDF to HTML does not autoflow.

I can fix this, but it's a PITA because I have to go through the HTML code and find all those little line breaks. And with a 400+ page book, all jumbled together with a mess of < span: line=goobldy; gooblygook; p = "INDENT DAMMIT" > < div class = whut? Whuts that mean? > between just about every paragraph... Just buy stock in Ibuprofen, because with the amount I'll be ingesting over the next couple of weeks, the price will surely soar.

And the end result? When I get those books up on Amazon for the Kindle, I'll make about $1 per book! (If any sell, which is not expecially likely.)

So why am I doing this?

Beats me.

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