Oddz N Ens Part 938,457,097

  • I'm getting kind of annoyed at Blogger & Firefox. There are still a lot of blogs out there on which I can't comment because the combination just hasn't been working for commenting (IE isn't working on some, either.) I can comment using SeaMonkey, but all my bookmarks are on Firefox... =sigh=

  • I'm really annoyed with Blogrolling. I was patient after they were hacked, I stuck with them, was all right with not being able to edit my blog a lot of others, I waited for it to get fixed. Now it's supposedly fixed...and it kind of sucks. And that's when the links actually show up in my Blogroll; so far today they're only there about 10% of the time. Plus now, unless you cough up some cash, every time you click on a link in a blogroll, you get an ad. OK, so they need the money. I get that. But it is so painfully slow, and there's nothing on their website that says how much an upgrade costs (I'm guessing if you click on the PAY UP link you'll find out; I'd like to know before I click on it...) There's no way to change account information... they really should have gotten it REALLY working before re-launching.

  • I'm pretty sure all the blogs in my blogroll are also in my Google Reader. So I won't actually miss anything while they keep working on it, but still... The whole thing is annoying me today, so I must whine a bit. I'll get over it.

  • Books read over the weekend: Ur by Stephen King (he wrote it for the Kindle. It is truly awful, imnsho.) Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher (I agree with yellojkt, it would be ideal as an audiobook); Fool by Christopher Moore (if you like him, you gotta read this...King Lear was never so funny); The Reader by Bernhard Schlink (different than the movie, both are decent); and a chunk of The Shack by William Young (not getting into this one as much.)

  • My eyeballs haven't exploded.

  • My books are not yet available on Kindle. I need to find the original Word documents for each manuscript and convert them. I don't know in which box those CD-ROMS are. And I hope I saved the original texts and not just PDF copies...

  • :::pokes Blogrolling::: Work already, dammit.

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