The Spouse Thingy has been very industrious lately and has been wading through the piles o'crap and boxes o'crap in the garage with the hopes of turning it into usable space, and every so often he runs across something that makes us wonder where the heck we got it, what we were thinking when we got it, and then stuff like this:

circa 1985

Stuff to make me feel old and fat, and old...and fat.

Holy chit, we were young. The Boy was probably around 2 when this was taken (I'm guessing based on the sweater and watch I was wearing..) which means we were all of 24 or so. And thin. Sheesh I'd love to be that thin again if it didn't mean giving up M&Ms.

And funny...I thought I was fat then. People I worked with at International Fitness Center probably thought so, too, considering I was sometimes referred to as Thunder Thighs.

Hindsight and all that.

But don'tcha just love the Spouse Thingy's glasses?


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