We went to see Harry potter this afternoon…again (and yeah, whoever it was that told me to stay until the end of the credits—I would like to slap you with a wet glove two or three times. Nothing happened!) Behind me sat a small child. A small child with fee that juuuuust reach the back of my chair.

You can imagine.

I did not turn around and snarl at the kid, because every time he started, I heard his mother whisper at him to stop it, and he did…for about 5 minutes or so. She made the effort, I figured that was what counted. And kids do need to be taken to movies to learn movie etiquette. Eventually he’ll learn.

But what surprised me, what I did not expect—when the movie was over and they were on the way out—was for her to apologize to me for the kicking. I mean, it’s the courteous thing to do, I just didn’t expect it.

Makes me glad I didn’t turn around and rip his little head off.
Or steal his candy.

I kinda wanted the candy, though…I could smell it from where I was, and it smelled pretty good.

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