One of the big things I’m going to miss when we move is the neighborhood—lots of nice, friendly, fun people, and it’s not the ‘wave hi and never learn each other’s names’ kind of nice. People actually talk to each other. I take some comfort in knowing that as we leave, so will others, so if we stayed, it wouldn’t be the same neighborhood anyway.

Our next door neighbors had an Easter brunch yesterday (the neighbors with the little boy that the cat actually seems interested in), and it was a really nice way to spend Easter. On our own, the Spouse Thingy and I would probably have grumped around the house, possibly would have gone to see a movie, but it wouldn’t have been as much fun.

We had a potluck brunch—tons of really good food—and the kids had an Easter egg hunt outdoors. Keep in mind, all but one of these kids was under 3 years old, and the eggs were right there in plain sight, but it was still funny to watch. One little boy didn’t want to pick up any blue eggs. The oldest could have scrambled to get them all, but he didn’t. He “found” his fair share and was happy with that. Both little girls upended their baskets more than once, spilling candy and money-filled plastic eggs back onto the lawn. And something that really struck me—the kids seemed more than happy to share their candy. Little kids. Kids who for the most part are too young to grasp the concept of sharing as a not-so-bad thing (granted, they didn’t want to share the basketball, but that’s different. Right?)

The adults played games—loudly. We sat around a table play “The Pit” (a stock market sort of card game) yelling “one, one, one?…Three, three, three?” (know the scenes in Finding Nemo where the baby pelicans are hollering Mine! Mine! Mine!? That’s what it sounds like) and in the midst of all this yelling we’re also hollering at the kids to stop screaming at each other. Yep, contradiction on action.

BTW…I suck at games. This has become quite evident.

It was a lot of fun. And I wasn’t even drunk :)

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