Holy guacamole, what the hell is it with gas prices? I know they’re up around the country, but in this area, they fluctuate as much as 25 cents from day to day, and the formerly-predictable price rise/lowering is no longer so predictable. It used to be that the prices went up on Thursday and came down late Monday or Tuesday, but lately… sheesh. I should have gassed up yesterday, when the price was $1.65, but I figured I’d do it today. Cripes. It shot up to $1.90 at the gas station near us, and is over $2.00 elsewhere (yeah, I know some of you are thinking “Well Boo Hoo, we’ve been over $2.00 for months.”) I’d just like to have some idea of how much a tank is going to cost me from day to day. This guessing and trying to figure out if I buy today or tomorrow is getting old. I’ve never lived someplace where it fluctuates the way it does here.

The good thing is that we got the convertible tuned up in February, which did wonders for my gas mileage—I’m getting mileage almost as good as the brand new Mazda. Almost.

The bad thing is that it’s still not warm enough to routinely drive around with the top down, and the last couple of days it’s been too wet to take it out at all. The roof leaks. Yep, my shiny little toy leaks when it rains, and that pisses me off to no end.

Ok, that’s a little strong. It annoys me. Especially when I’m driving and my left leg is getting wet.

We’re still vacillating over whether or not to take the car with us to CA. There’s a chance the military would move it as part of our household goods. If they won’t, we could pay for auto transport, though that would be a little pricey. I suppose it’ll all come down to the condition of the car; if it turns out they won’t move it for us, we’ll take it to a mechanic this summer and find out if it’s even worth keeping. I know it needs a few things, like new front struts, and eventually new brakes and new tires, but it may also need new engine mounts, and I suspect that could be expensive.

I suppose if we don’t keep it, I could just take the Boy’s car when we get there.
Yep, that’ll go over well. ;)

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