Ohhhhhhh…Talk about a perfect day, weather-wise. 70 degrees, very slight breeze, lots of sunshine. You can bet I had that car out, the top down, making up places I “needed” to go. The post office (just checking the box, and soooo glad I didn’t have to mail anything—that line of people sending taxes in at the last minute was long). Car wash. Jiffy Lube (well, I really did need to have the oil changed, but didn’t have to do it today.) Tomorrow promises to be just as nice—heck, it sounds like it’ll be this nice (and warmer) through the weekend.

To top off a nice day—the Spouse Thingy and I were headed for the grocery store and the price of gas had dropped 20 cents from when we had driven past just an hour earlier. So yep, I stopped and gassed up.

I think winter is officially over here…now we just need to get into May, when we can safely plant flowers. I miss my overflowing petunias and impatiens. Though, inexplicably, I have tulips growing in the front flower bed. They weren’t there last year, and I sure didn’t put any bulbs down last fall.

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