Productivity 101

In the last couple of days I’ve gotten more writing done than I’ve managed in the last couple of months. I’m -->this<-- close to being done with the first draft of the manuscript I’ve been working on for almost a year. Another day or two and it will be done; then I can proof and edit it.

The odd thing is, I think I got so much done because I found a new place to sit and write. The BX Food Court is nice, but I discovered the Barnes & Noble Café… verrrah nice. They don’t mind if people come in there and read, or write, or bring laptops along and sit there playing (quiet) games. The only downside is the size and price of their sodas. Yesterday I ordered a medium Diet Coke ($1.25) and got this thing so small it would piss off a toddler. I’m afraid to order a small…

But, I got tons done. I suppose that’s more important than the side of the soft drink I barely pay attention to while I’m working (yet, if I didn’t have one, that’s all I’d think about. Where’s the freaking drink?!?!)

Oh yeah, while I was busy being productive, I revamped You don’t have to be impressed; I’m impressed enough for both of us.

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