Pee All That You Can Pee

File under TMI: since 3 p.m. today I’ve chewed through at least a 12 pack of diet sodas, and peed all of it out and more. I could have gone ahead and taken my DDAVP early, and then taken it again before going to bed, but that would have required going upstairs. It’s just a heck of a lot easier to walk around downstairs, creating a path between the fridge and the bathroom.

Heck, if I stopped taking the DDAVP altogether, I could use having DI as a weight loss plan. Eventually I drink so much there’s absolutely no room in my stomach for anything other than liquids. I don’t want anything other than liquids. Cold liquids. The colder the better.

If I wait until I got to bed to take the DDAVP, it’ll probably be close to 2 a.m. I’m off the benedryl for sleep completely now, but in following my body’s own natural sleep cycles, I’m up until 2 or 3, and if the cat would let me, I’d sleep until 10. His patience runs out around 9:15, and I spend the next 15-30 minutes being head-butted by the little psycho until I give in and get up.

:::tosses yet another can into the trash:::

Ten minutes sitting here typing and I’ve downed yet another soda. I know, I know, I should drink water instead, but honestly, if I drink water when I’m in the midst of the DI-thirsties, I drink too much too quickly and wind up in a considerable amount of discomfort. Same thing with Kool Aid. I can just suck it down too fast.

Again, TMI.

There’s only 2 more cold sodas in the fridge. I’ll have to go to bed in half an hour or so, just because I’m going to run out of cold stuff to drink.

Are you riveted to today’s blog entry yet?

I thought so.

[this was supposed to be last night's blog entry, but I couldn't manage to connect to Blogger, so...]

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