It’s A Bouncing Baby Book!!!

Yesssssss… the very first copy of the very first book to come out of Inkblot Books arrived today. I is in business!

‘Boxer Shorts is the collected efforts of the Monkeys at WWDN’s Soapbox: it’s an anthology of poetry, essays, and fiction, and I have to admit, these are some talented people.

Seriously, the quality of the submissions makes me damn proud that this is the first book to come out of my publishing company. Getting the first copy today was like Christmas … I am totally stoked!

Now that I have it in hand and know I can put a book together and get it printed without too many screwups (I did forget to put the price on the back cover :::slaps self on forehead::: ) I can finalize the website for Inkblot and do an Official Launch.


Now go buy the book. The discount is supposed to be for ‘Boxers only, but I’ll be nice and sell it to anyone who wants it at the discounted price for now.

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