6 November 2018

I am feeling 62 kinds of =blech= today thanks to a headache that has all the feelings of an oncoming head cold. Last night I felt a little queasy, so I was pretty sure something was brewing...by tomorrow I'll probably want to spend the day in bed begging for new sinuses and an embarrassing amount of chocolate that I won't be able to taste.

But. How icky I felt didn't really matter, because there was one thing that had to get done today.


There aren't really any reasons not to, people. Unless you're laid up in the hospital, there was an emergency, or you're genuinely affected by the current wave of active voter suppression happening in the U.S. right now, whatever comes out of your mouth about not bothering is an excuse, not a reason.

Just get it done.

It's painless. It's worth the wait in line. And when you're done, you get a free sticker.

Do it for the sticker, if nothing else.

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Just Ducky said...

Amen sister. I voted early with no waiting on that day. Glad to see the results of so many women, minorities and ethnic groups now heading to Congresss.