1 November 2018

Oddz N Enz #874958628492.7x839/23

♦ I am so tired of political ads. So many packed into so little time, one right after the other, followed by 4 more...and I don't care what side they're on, they're all either lying or giving a minuscule sliver of truth taken totally out of context. Tuesday can't get here fast enough to that they're over.

♦ And in that vein.... If you're running for office and 95% of your commercial is dedicated to telling me everything your opponent is doing wrong, will do wrong, how stupid there are, you have already lost my vote. All that tells me is that your platform is not string enough to support the weight of your convictions, and you don't have the stones for the job.

♦ There are a couple of ad campaigns that drive me so nuts that I'm glad they're running for something in Sacramento and not here, because both major party candidates can't seem to do anything but whine and finger-point.

♦ I don't vote a straight-party ticket, so that wouldn't solve my being pissed off issues. I vote for the candidate I think will do the job the best, and there's one candidate running locally who is a registered Republican who has my vote.  Surprise.

♦ NaNoWriMo is underway, and I'm off to a decent start. 4,000+ words, so only 46,000 to go.
Favorite line from today
♦ We officially can no longer say the word "hungry" out loud because for the last million years we've asked the cats, "Are you hungry?" right before going into the kitchen to feed them. Max has known from the start what it means, but Buddah finally understands it, so now when he hears it he expects something. And he can whine like a two-year-old at ear splitting decibels until he gets what he wants.

♦ There's a farking annoying fly in the house, and both cats just watch it go by. Eat the damn fly, furball.

♦ That damned fly is going to wind up in the bedroom 5 seconds before I go to bed, and it'll spend the rest of the night buzz-bombing my head.

♦ Useless cats...

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Just Ducky said...

Amen on the election commercials. The word that is getting me is "could". He could raise taxes etc. Yeah, then again he might not, or not to the extent you are saying.

I was surprised during the NLCS between the Dodgers and Brewers, there were ads on it about voting for Proposition 8. Obviously a California ballot item, but a way to get to people outside of the regular TV news cycle.

I already voted, so nothing that airs can affect my vote. I await Tuesday evening to watch the results come it.