7 October 2016

♦ I have been awake since 6:20 this morning and I can't even blame Max. What I can blame is a freaky assed dream in which I was dying. I don't know from what, but I was at death's door, and the Spouse Thingy wanted me to get out of bed to make a pot roast while he went out to get milkshakes.

♦ This would be funny, if not for the fact that three people I care about have died in the last week and a half.

♦ And that better have been a damned good milkshake, Spouse Thingy.

♦ Today is day one of the Atlanta 3 Day, and a bunch of my favorite people are there, either walking or crewing. I freaking loved Atlanta (and it's where I met most of them!) and would like to walk it again someday. Hell, I'd like to just visit it again someday.

♦ While they spend the weekend sweating, I'm spending it...well, sweating some because I have training to do...working. Book #2 of The Wick Chronicles needs one more pass, and then it goes to the editor. Maybe she can think of a good title.

NaNoWriMo is coming up. 50,000 words in 30 days. I know it has a lot of critics, but I am not one of them. It's a terrific writing exercise and in that 30 days you can certainly get the bones of a story out of your head. I'm tempted to sign up again and use the time to build the foundation for the third book in the Wick series, even though I'll lose a week while we're in San Diego for the 3 Day. Losing a week puts the word count at around 2200 a day, and I can do that.

♦ So, we'll see. I already have notes on paper and a story in my head, so it's doable.

♦ Son of a bitch, now I want a milkshake.

♦ And pizza.

♦ It takes about 8-10 miles of walking to burn off pizza. But it might be worth it.

♦ It's now 9:20, and I kinda want to go back to bed...


Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

Dreams are often weird. Some people say they never dream. I think they just don't remember them when they awaken. And since I awaken often at night, I remember mine. And they go in themes through the night. Some parts show up regularly. Weird apartments both huge and tiny, some rooms making no sense. Even some doors that lead to other people's apartment and they aren't surprised.

Other nights are combinations of various former workplaces and none of them make much sense. And even then it is never scary, just annoying.

Last night was a series of monster dreams. Not scary ones. Dinosaurs seem mostly harmless to me, and hottor movie characters seem of minor concern. Just that life seems off-kilter. More like I'm never where I belong, plants grow funny and people are irrational.

Apparently, irrationality bothers me more than monsters. The scariest monster I ever saw in movies was the Queen in 'Alien", But I never dream about her and I even think she is not only possible but likely! SOMEWHERE out there...

50,000 words in 30 days? How many pages is that? I would need several cases of wine and a few cartons of cigarrettes. It does sound interesting, though. Is there an assigned subject/genre or do you choose? I used to write short stories on a fanfic board but I got bored. Too little space and too limited scope, ya know?

Can you tell me the site, or is it invitational?


Thumper said...

It's open to everyone world-wide... .

There's no genre; write whatever you like, although the rules say it needs to be fiction, because the official title is National Novel Writing Month.

It's really only pounding out a bit over 1600 words a the end of the month (or when you finish if you finish early) you upload your manuscript to their server, which only counts the words and doesn't read them, and if you have 50k, you get to download this spiffy certificate.

I find it to be a terrific writing exercise, and can help a write develop the habit of daily writing. Just don't edit as you go along; that will slow you down, and you can edit in December.