7 December 2015

If I figure out who's been handing out my number...

(I did LOL anyway. It was so far outside the expected that how could I not?)

((But still, if I find out you gave my number out without asking me first, you will be the 3rd person I have ever unfriended on FB.))

(((I have no idea about which book they were referring.)))


Joni Cox said...

You should post their number and let the wrath of your fans descend upon their heads! Unless of course you think that is overreacting. I think your reply totally stymied them. :)

One Fat Girl And Her Thoughts said...


That was fun to read.

His/her reaction was typical, of course.

People don't expect you to agree with them when they insult you. They're expecting distress, anger, denial. It turns their spiteful, narrow-minded worlds upside down when you reply to their barb(s) with something along the lines of "yes; and?".

I had a similar encounter recently, only face to face.

HER: god, you're fat.
ME: (cheerily) yep.
HER: (stunned by the admission) well... you must eat tonnes.
ME: (cheerily) yep.
HER: (stunned into silence)

...That was fun, too.


Alice x