22 November 2015

Odds n Endz #974,194,194,555.666

♦ I’m sitting in Starbucks, with every intention to make some headway on a manuscript that was begun 2 years ago but barely outlined. My brain is not engaging because 1) this is the first caffeine I’ve had today and 2) somewhere in the vicinity of my table is a (presumable) woman who apparently bathed in a giant vat of perfume today, and it’s making my head pound….and the inability to breathe will surely follow.

♦ Seriously, why do people feel the need for perfume? It rarely smells good and too many other people have airway issues because of it. Just freaking take a shower, use a nice mildly scented soap, and call it a day. No one really needs to smell like anything other than their own self.

♦ Why, yes, right now I do feel a little grouchy, why do you ask?

♦ After just a year and 4 months, not long after the warranty expired, my laptop croaked. I liked that laptop. I am not happy. I replaced it with a Surface Pro tablet, reasoning that it runs all the software I need, but I didn’t stop to consider its size. I have 54-year-old eyes; I probably should have just gotten another big-assed laptop.

♦ I will suffer before giving up, though.  It will work one way or the other.

♦ Anyone got a head-mounted, face sized magnifying glass? That might work.

♦ Ok, I am no longer sitting in Starbucks. I am at home, at my desk, where I can breathe without coughing. And where I have Max tail flicking at my face.

♦ This is almost as annoying as the perfume, though perhaps quite a bit less in the way of potentially deadly.

♦ I stopped at the grocery store on my way home. Hungry. Yeah, you can guess how that went…

♦ I didn’t want to stick with the diet, anyway.

♦ And on that front…I have reached the pinnacle of a great big old pile of frustration. I eat well, I watch my caloric intake pretty closely. I move, I sweat, I burn calories. But my weight loss has stalled and I haven’t lost a damn thing since August. I honestly thought that at this point I would be much closer to goal, but I’m still 50 pounds from it.

♦ I know what the answer is: either move more or eat less. Since I don’t want to be a giant mass of unhappy and starving, I refuse to eat less. I’m at 1300-1500 calories a day as it is. So I need to get off my ass even more. And that makes me unhappy, too.

♦ Well, unhappy other than the goals ahead. I registered for the Hot Chocolate 15K in San Francisco in January (which was, in hindsight, a mistake, seeing as how I will be nowhere near the pace needed and I should have gone for the 5K) and there’s the Pixie Dust Challenge in May.

♦ I want the shiny medals. Seriously. Weight loss and better health? Meh. Shiny medals? Hell yeah.

♦ I never said I was mature.

For the hell of...Buddah, looking quite annoyed with me.

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Erin said...

In the middle of my nursing school training I needed major surgery. One night post surgery a nurse or an aide (I hope it wasn't a nurse) came in to my room reeking of bath powder and perfume. I've never been so sick in my life! She was really nice but next day I had to tell the charge nurse never to let her near me again. That's the advantage of being in hospital: You can single them out better.