14 April 2015

Looks like an ordinary iPod shuffle; it has all the limitations of a iPod shuffle: only 2 GB, and no way to switch up what you're listening to other than either listening to albums in order or on shuffle. Pretty limited.

But this one is waterproof.

I use it today in the pool, and it was awesome. I don't mind being alone with my brain while I swim, but it was nice to have music to help push me alone, and I managed to hit 1500 meters in 4 minutes under what it took me to hit 1350.

It's still a new thing, but I'm still digging the swimming. The only downsides are the crushing want of sleep a couple hours later, and the marathon peeing.

Still digging the Garmin while I'm swimming--it makes keeping track of where I'm at so easy--and all the data, too. I might not like it as much when I hit a plateau, but for now? It's fun.


Mighty Kitty said...

Hey Thump, consider checking with your gp out there. The peeing could be just water weight or something you knew not about. Probably it is fine but check anyway, my friend.

Thumper said...

The peeing is from being in the pool. I'm part sponge.

Other than that, once upon a time I had a tumor that left me without the hormone needed to tell the kidneys when to hold water and let it go...so yeah, I pee a lot regardless, because sometimes the meds for it wear off.

Nothing to worry about. :)