16 February 2015

Peoples...wanting me to use your name in a book could potentially end up with you hating me, because I might do terrible things to your namesake somewhere in the storyline.

However, knowing that, one friend really, really wants to be a fictional princess. So in the next manuscript--not sure how long it'll take to write or if it will even be publish-worthy--there shall be a Princess Oz.

So. Who wants to be a prince? Or king*? Queen*? Or the Scottish but not Scottish Emperor of San Francisco?

There's a cat. So far his name is Wick. Or Prints. I haven't decided for sure.

And hey, I never said it was going to be a GOOD manuscript. But the story has been in my head for 2-3 years and it's time to write it, suckage or not.

*minor characters.


Gigi said...

Well, Spitty would like to be a king, but he understands it would be a pretty tough sell, MOL!

Shannon akaMonty said...

I believe I have mentioned before that I want to be in a book - hopefully someone horrible and villainous and who would possibly get killed off in an an extremely extreme manner. I want to be a character that causes readers to literally cheer out loud when she gets killed off. Because COOL. :D