21 June 2014

The views from my desk right now...

To my left is the gutted kitchen, with this spiffy plastic tarp that was supposed to hold dust in, but let out a whole bunch of it. It carried all the way to the back of the house, which means we're sneezing a lot.

I also get to look at the room o'junk, all the stuff pulled out of the kitchen before demo began.  I can see the Cheetos from here, so I have an ongoing case of the munchies.

I am getting zero work done, partly because my work computer spent the week covered to protect it from all the dust, and partly because, while I had my laptop with me, sitting on the bed and trying to reassure the cats that their lives are not over kind of detracts from any real creativity. Also, neither the Spouse Thingy nor I have felt all that great this week; he actually called into work sick one night, and he never calls in sick. We're on the mend, though, so it falls into the NBD category.

But work is progressing. It came to a screeching halt before noon yesterday when the inspector postponed until Monday--the electrical work already done, and where the window was removed have to be checked--and nothing else can proceed until he says so.

Still...lots done.

Under the curtain there is no longer a's been boarded up and there's insulation, which is why the curtain is still there and the board is blocking it from curious kitties.

Towels are blocking any holes in the wall right now, because...Buddah. It looks odd to go in there and have nothing, but without the old cabinets and counters it's also easier to see how it's going to come together.

I'm still grumbling about the cost and nauseated when I think about it, but once it's done it'll be totally worth it. And then we can think about redoing the patio, which is going to be screened in for the cats. That's one I don't want to wait too long to get done, because they're not getting any younger, and I know they'd both love it.

Hell, we probably would have done that first if not for the whole cracking of cabinets and fracture lines in the tile that was going on.

I'll give someone $20 to come clean up all this dust...

Oh, and the cats are fine; Max is seriously chill about the whole thing, and Buddah's only thrown a few temper tantrums, and those are because he wants to go out and snoopervise, not because he's scared. No barfing, no hiding, just some yelling while standing at the screen door by Buddah. I'm pretty sure he just wants to go watch...but they're both fine.


Victoria Henderson said...

So you're held up by a guy coming to look at a hole in the wall, say, "Yep, it's a hole. Well done."
Makes perfect sense....

Thumper said...

Pretty much. He also has too look at where they moved a couple of outlets and then stare at the ceiling and say, "Yep, those are holes for lights."

Mighty Kitty said...

You are having better luck with your kitties than I am having! After 6 days of updating electrical in the house, our silky terrier is having panic attacks and acid reflux issues, Ocat threw another clot and wobbled for a few days (vet says I am doing all I can do), Jamie our younger kitty is shedding like crazy and very very nervous, and our younger dog is hiding in his kennel bed all day and won't come out! I hope it continues to go well for you and it is a great thing you are doing due to safety issues. Keep on keeping on cause it will be wonderful soon!