13 June 2014

Oddz & Endz #17,204,742.3 part B

♦ We finally have a start date on the kitchen remodel: next Tuesday. Everything is in place--permits have been filed and issued, the cabinets are in, we picked out the granite for the counters and have bought floor tile, backsplash tile, grout, and new appliances--and we're a little itchy to get it over with.

♦ In order to not freak the cats out all at once we decided to do the things that most affect them one by one. Last week we moved the sideboard from the dining area window to the front room (and they enjoy it there more, since it means they can lounge on it and look out the window) and on another day we set up another water fountain in the back of the house; this morning I moved their crunchy food back there.

♦ What they don't seem thrilled with...the new screen door that separates the front of the house from the back. We figured this gives them the entire back half while the work is being done, and out worries about them being accidentally let out are lessened significantly.

♦ Bets are now being taken on how long it takes Buddah to try to climb the door.

♦ Other bets are being taken as to how long it will take Max to start stress-barfing, and on how many surfaces he'll barf and how often.

♦ Everything should take about 2 weeks to finish...which probably means 3 weeks after it starts it should be finished.

♦ It's going to be loud. I don't like loud.

♦ Maybe I'll hide in the closet with Max.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Max hasn't started stress barfing yet?

Dawn Brayton said...

Seems like Max would do better stress-shedding instead of barfing. At least that way you won't have to cover every surface with newspaper and then do patrol.

Victoria Henderson said...

And how long before you start stress barfing?

Mighty Kitty said...

Maybe Max and Buddah need to stay with the grandma so you and Spouse Thingy can get through the remodel without stressing over stressed kitties. That eliminates stress barf and you can still sleep in Max's closet for peace. Think on it and hopefully it helps!

Mighty Kitty said...

Maybe some stress can be eliminated if the kitties stay with the grandma for a few days. Less stress for you and sheer joy for them amid a very loud and confusing (for them) situation. Also eliminates stress barf and you can still use Max's closet for peace!

Thumper said...

Taking the kitties to Grandma would cause far more stress than staying at home. So far Max is fine with it all, and Buddah's only been a bit clingy. Far better than I expected them to be.