6 February 2014

A while back I bought a Fitbit Force, because I love toys and this is a practical toy. Never mind the fact that I had a perfectly functional original Fitbit...I wanted this one because it's new and spiffy, and has a watch function (which has turned out to be really nice to have when Max wakes me up in the middle of the night and I want to know what ungodly hour it happens to be.)

Then the Spouse Thingy wanted one, and they were backordered. It seems like lots of people want this thing. I finally found him one, just in time to go to Disneyland. From what I'm hearing, they're still hard to get.


You have a chance to win one.

The Boy has a brand new, in the box, Fitbit Force, and he's going to give it to one lucky person. If you want a shot at winning it, all you have to do is donate to his Special Olympics Polar Plunge Fundraiser.

Every $5 you donate gets you a shot at winning it. He's going to draw the winner on February 20th.

And no kidding, I really love mine. I liked the original, but this one is so much more convenient. I only have to charge it every 8-10 days, and it has the bonus of being able to set an alarm that buzzes me awake instead of using a loud, jarring alarm clock or phone ring. And every time I hit my daily goal, it buzzes and lets me know, and honestly, that's kind of a spiffy deal.

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