13 February 2014

So far, all my tattoos have had meaning, either something deeply personal or a memorial. But this time? This time I wanted something cool. Something fun. Something for the Spouse Thingy and me, but with no deep meaning behind it other than I wanted it.

The Spouse Thingy is Grumpy...or at least all his Disney t-shirts have Grumpy on them. I'm still Thumper. And that's pretty much all I told Big Greg about what I wanted. I had a picture to show him, but that was really only a reminder of what I wanted. Thumper, Grumpy, and awesome.

The original picture had Thumper curled up laughing and I really liked it, but I also told him I wasn't married to it; I can get that particular Thumper somewhere else on my body later if I want. I just wanted something unique and fun and I knew he would deliver.

I'm thrilled with it.

This one was pretty ouchy, though; somewhere around the 3 hour mark I got light headed and for about half an hour wondered if I was going to have to tap out, but a 10 minute break and some sugar got me back in the seat. And at the 5.25 hour mark I was getting a little squirrely but Big Greg keeps lidocaine spray on hand and used a little to get me to the 5.45 hour mark and done.

It really does make my first Thumper tattoo look like crap...not that I love that one any less; it was my first and exactly what I wanted at the time. It's just that at the time I had no idea how to choose the right artist and didn't listen to the "Um, wait" voice in my head.

No, I'm not done.

I have nekkid legs, after all...


las794 said...

Big Greg is really talented. I love the shading, the composition, the colors--everything!

Victoria Henderson said...

Too bad you don't have pants tattooed on just to mess with Max's head, but that's a bit much for a prank on a cat.