12 January 2014

I get choked up over a lot of things: TV commercials designed to jab at a viewer's soft spot, adorable/sad/sickly wonderful pictures, beautiful song lyrics. But rarely do I see or read something that makes me literally cry out, and causes real tears to fly our of my eyes so hard and fast that they wind up splattering my glasses.

Last night I sat in bed with my iPad, poking through reddit, and found a thread in Ask Reddit that showed a lot of promise for humor and insight. The question asked: Reddit, what's a quote that makes you feel both happy and sad a the same time?

There were some song lyrics that surprised me; pop tunes that are catchy as hell, but when taken out of the melody behind it are actually quite sad. Quotes from South Park that are funny but fairly deep. Lines from major literary works, some well known, some obscure.

And then there was this, a quote someone pasted from another reddit thread.

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To say it hit me in the feels is an understatement. My feels were instantly on fire and I couldn't see for the tears.

Happy and sad.

Holy shit.


Jan Scholl said...

My brother died from that same horror. I don't remember him much outside a wheel chair or even walking. But his dream was to be a spaceman, and we religiously watched all the sci fi movies, tv shows etc and he drew himself in panoramas of those shows. To this day I believe he has the best in the sky, looking at all the stars and comets with no pollution in between. But I still save him a spot on the couch or in the theatre. Bruce the spaceman. Best tripper ever.

Thumper said...

Rocketman :)

TK and Pip said...

Wow. What a gift he gave his brother.
@Jan- I often go to the movies with my sister, who passed in 2001, I always blame her for hogging the popcorn. Our siblings see us.

Angel and Kirby said...

That is very inspiring. Having known a boy that had that when we were kids, brings sad remembered tears of Little Ben Little. He made it to High school. I never remember him not in a wheel chair. this gives me a picture of him running, too!