28 November 2012

Dye your hair red, Murf said.

Go shopping wearing green, Murf said.

Be all Christmassy, Murf said.

So I dyed my hair red...though I'm told it has some major fuchsia overtones. Which I totally like, and it's red enough.

And I put on my green jeans, which have pockets so shallow I kinda freak out about losing my keys and wallet, and a green hoodie, AND a red t-shirt, because that was just festive. And then shopping we went.

I looked CHRISTMASSY, dammit.

The hot pink shoes, though? Maybe not my best choice,but since Murf's thing seems to be getting people to stare at me, they probably worked.

By Monday night, we had totally changed our plans. We went from planning on staying overnight in San Francisco and walking/shopping for two days, to not staying overnight and just walking/shopping on Tuesday in San Francisco, to not going into SF at all.

Because of a rumor about a protest involving nudists upset about the changes in SF's public nudity laws and the BART stations, we decided to shop elsewhere. It was just a rumor, but I heard it from two different sources, so I figured better safe than sorry...and as far as I can find out, the protest never happened, so we would have been fine going into the city, but... we didn't go.

And in hindsight, if the idea was to make people stare and try to not mockingly laugh at me, shopping elsewhere was probably the better idea. Dressed like that in SF? Not a big deal. I would have looked downright normal in SF.

In Sacramento? Yeah, I stood out a little bit.

Mission accomplished.

We shopped and walked for a long time, though I didn't have my pedometer so I'm not sure how far we actually went, and we only found a couple of small gifts. But that's all right, too, because if the weather predictions for next week are nice, we'll go into SF then and do some mega-shopping.

Maybe I'll find another Christmas Pimp hat.

I probably should have bought this.

And I probably should have paid closer attention to the display I was standing in front of when the Spouse Thingy took this picture.

I promise, it was not a sex shop.

Really. Swearsies.


Angel and Kirby said...

I agree that Sacramento would get a better shock value

Shaggy and Scout said...

Well, I'm glad you clarified at the end that you weren't staying overnight in SF with Murf!

I think you need to find elf shoes, you know...ones with curled up toes and bells on them to go with the pimp hat.

I believe you that it wasn't a sex shop...(assumes voice of an elderly granny...)I hear tell them folk out in Calliforneeaa can buy them thare sex toys in the grocery store.
I too am frustrated with the teeny pockets in jeans. I can barely fit my chapstick in there!
Seriously though...You Rock!