23 November 2012


So...we're still going into SF next week to walk and walk and walk some more. But I won't be rocking the pink hair, after all.

No, I'll be rocking the red instead.

It's not that I no longer like the pink and have some deep seeded desire to go neon red, but Murf made an offer I choose to not refuse.

If I go red, then wander around in green clothes--all Christmassy--he'll donate $500 to the Boy's Special Olympic Polar Plunge.

Now, see, Murf thinks he's being funny. I think it's an easy $500 for the Special Olympics. I'm pretty sure that means I win.

Sooner or later he'll figure out the dyeing of my hair is costing him more money than he gets in returns of fun and embarrassment of Thumper. Meanwhile...Thumpa gets some cold hard cash for some decent causes.

On Sunday, the Boy is drawing the name of one of his donors to win a new Kindle Fire HD. Just $5 gets you a shot at it. And anything you donate is also tax deductible for 2012. Who would you rather give money to...Special Olympics, or Uncle Sam?

Tsk. Don't think about it! Think about that 6'2" bearded Princess Peach jumping into the cold, cold waters of the Bay!



Anonymous said...

I think the pink hair is fun, so I am sure the red hair will be too. Hope you have a fun time (and don't forget to rest.)

Angel and Kirby said...

Yes! Neon red and green! no problem when it is for a good cause!