24 September 2012

I went to bed about an hour and a half ago, and--oddly, for me--fell asleep within ten minutes or so. Twenty minutes ago I woke up, ripped out of a bad dream, and I'm pretty sure I won't be going back to sleep for a while.

It wasn't nearly this cute... (picture found at reddit)
 In this dream, I was sweeping the floor, amused that Buddah was watching me intently. But as I bent over to shove everything onto a dust pan, I realized there was a snake on the floor, fangs bared, and it was coming at me.

Before I could even squeak, Buddah got between the snake and me, he took the bite, and fell over.

Quite dead.

I pummeled the snake with the broom until it was one long string of mush on the cheap laminate, all the while begging Buddah to wake up.

I think that was what woke me up, the pleading over and over for him to wake up.

So, here I sit in the living room, not wanting to go back to bed. Max is curled up on Buddah's tower, and Buddah is in the chair next to me, snoring quite loudly, because he doesn't seem to grasp that if he didn't curl into such a tight ball, breathing would be a whole lot easier.

We always joked that Buddah is Hank reincarnated. Dreams like that...well, Hank would have gotten between a snake and me, too.

Max, not so much.

If they wake up before I go back to bed, they are sooo getting some crunchy treats.


Angel and Kirby said...

I hate nightmares! They are bad at night, but when I worked the night shift and woke up in full daylight from a nightmare, I think it was worse!

Jan Scholl said...

Last summer I DID wake up to a snake in my bed! Husband, on a conference call, thought I was just having a nightmare. I then went back upstairs to get my glass AND the snake. I brought it down held by the tail (I think) inside a towel. The conference call was interrupted and the snake deposited outside. I have no idea where it came from. Possibly inside the bag of potatoes I had purchased the day before at Costco? I HATE snakes!

Derby, Ducky said...

Dats one dream we hopes never comes true!