26 January 2012

Since we needed to head in that direction in search of end tables this afternoon, the Spouse Thingy and I decided to have lunch at Panera, because today is Thursday and on Thursdays they have cream of chicken and wild rice soup, and it is TeH Awesome.

Today it was particularly tasty, and since we didn't find the right end table at the nearby stores in which we looked, that made the trip worthwhile.

Before we left, as I an wont to do because I am the Queen Of OMGIGottaPee, I decided to use the facilities before we left there, and as I opened the door I could already hear the sounds of frustrated motherhood coming from one of the stalls.

No, no, no, I said no!

She said no; I said "heh," albeit under my breath.

No, no...I mean it. No!

I made some noise, lest she think she was alone in there with her kid, because she really did sound stressed and part of me thought she might haul off and whack him one, and I'm just not down with people whacking the snot out of little kids.



No, that's not clean--don't--no, no no DON'T LICK THE WALL!!!

I had to flush to cover my own laughing.

Oh God, don't sit, that floor isn't clean...STOP LICKING THE WALL!!!

Ya know, I don't think I ever had a problem with the Boy licking bathroom walls. He liked to touch stuff even when told not to, but to his credit, not once did he lick anything in a public bathroom.

Well, not when I was with him. I have no idea what he's done as an adult.

And drunk.

But I'm betting he hasn't...


This is Curt's display name. said...

Maybe it's just my adult brain warping my memory, but I seem to recall I took pleasure in the touching of things when told not to.

Even then I was part evil. I totally remember destroying a tv with hi-cee. Orange flavor if I recall correctly...

Anonymous said...

FYI: Don't know if you're familiar with Schwans frozen food (I love it, home delivery, easy to cook and tastes as good as restaurant food.) Anyway, they have a creamy chicken and wild rice soup that may be very close to what you mentioned. Just a thought.

Angel and Kirby said...

OK, that is gross, but that Mom needs to relax a little. Maybe the kid is just trying to get any response and knows what will push his Mom's buttons!

The Furry Bambinos said...

Heh! So glad that I don't have human children. We just have feline children, who lick their own butts. ;-)

Mom Sue to The Furry Bambinos

Journey to DALLAS! said...

OK ... as funny as your post is ... I am laughing that someone commented about Schwans frozen soup.