5 November 2011

It's that time of year again.

National Novel Writing Month.

If I have any hope of winning this year, I'm going to have to accomplish it much in the manner of NaNoKitty over there.

I thought about signing up for it again--I have several projects simmering that would have been perfect for it--but I also had expectations of doing another 3 Day Walk this month, and with that comes additional training...

I knew I couldn't do both, so I didn't sign up and didn't give it serious consideration until it became obvious that I wasn't going to be do much walking this month. Or much else, either. Even then, I didn't pull out any notes or start anything new, so if I jumped in at this point I would be 8,335 words behind, and that's a lot of words to catch up on.

Still...I'm tempted. If I cough up 2000 words a day, I can do it. And there's nothing about NaNoWriMo that says that the end product has to be any good. Hell, when I've done it before I've hit 50K and then turned around and cut more than half of what I'd written out, because you do tend to write a lot of crap during the NaNoCrunch.

It's redeemable crap, though. I did a huge chunk of The Flipside of Here for NaNo last year, and the final draft turned out to be one of my favorites. It helped that I was writing characters I already knew quite well (probably better than I know most people IRL, safe to say) and that I had a fairly clear vision of what the story was about, where it would go, and how it would resolve. I have none of that with the list of things I have on tap for right now.

So. I dunno. But if I don't get on it by tonight...

Eh, there's always tomorrow, and a new words-per-day goal. Right?


Geekwif said...

You can totally do it. We're only 5 days in. You have 25 days to catch up. Like you said, 2000 words a day and you've got it made and that's only about 300 more than the normal daily requirement. What's 300 words? About 20 minutes? No problem!

Christie Critters said...

You HAVE to Nano. You got me started on it a couple of years ago.