15 November 2011

Yesterday's visit to the tattoo shop was a two-fer...the Boy also got one,the Seal of Rassilon from Doctor Who. It's a symbol of power and a ward against evil.

To that he added on Facebook, "I'm a nerd."

We're all nerds. I could see me with a TARDIS tattoo someday (or even "wibbly wobbly timey whimey" on a shoulder blade), if I thought it would blend in with other planned ink.

Not that the foot ribbons blends in exactly with the Thumper tattoo...but it's there because I think my upper right arm is the Place of Things That Matter to Me. There's even a little space to the left of the feet for something else small someday. I might even have an idea what it will be.

I toyed with putting the feet on my wrist, but 1) I'm not ready to commit to ink in places not easily covered and 2) I have something else planned for my inner forearm someday. Which tells me I'll commit to ink not easily hidden sooner or later, and someday I'll be one of Those People.

Hide your kiddos, people, I'm gonna be a bad influence on them someday.


Willow said...

You and me both, love. You and me both. Love the new ink - yours and his.

Angel and Kirby said...

My daughter has ink on her shoulders. Her son was trying to tell me who his Mom's tattoo artist is and he explained it as the man that draws on Mom;s skin. Leave it to a 5 year old to tell it all!

Jennifer said...

I got my first tattoo for my 40th birthday. My only one so far, that is :) I got it in a Place Easily Hidden...my back. I love it, it makes me smile, but I'm not ready to commit to everyone seeing my ink yet. I'm still in the "responsible, sensible mother of five" mindset. However, I feel the itch for more ink, so I think eventually it will work its way around to visible locations :)

Karen Jo said...

I really like both the new tattoos. I think you should tattoo what you feel and to heck with the people who that that makes you a bad influence.