6 September 2001

♫♪ My bags are packed, I'm ready to go... ♪ ♫

Ok, I think I'm ready.

Three more days... The shirt and cape have names, and while seeing how many is a little overwhelming, I'm thrilled to be carrying them with me.

I will be wearing the pink tights, cape, and pink fedora on the first day for sure...if they're comfy, I'll wear them all 3 days. If not, I dyed a pair of shorts bright pink so I'll look pretty much just as freaky ;)

It's going to be cold at camp, but I have my spiffy 49ers jacket. And I have a warm tentmate to steal body heat from...

I think last year I was a mixture of nerves and excitement, this year I'm just excited.

Not thrilled with the broken toe, but I'll deal with that. I have drugs. ;)

I may post pictures at Facebook (because I can upload easily from my iPhone) but I suspect until Monday, this blog will be quiet. Hopefully I'll get a chance to pop something up on A Wabbit Walking on Thursday, though it'll be with the iPhone...

Um. Yeah.

That's all I got ;)


gizzylaw said...

go with the spirit of all of us. And thank you, a thousand times, for doing this.

Susan Saavedra said...

My furkids (Belle, Jacki, and Lucy Van Crankypants) and I will be sending you excitement, energy and broken-toe-healing-fast thoughts! All the best to you, and thank you so much for doing this for all of us!

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Good luck on the walk. We will keep your tired and sore feet in our prayers!

Just Ducky said...

Good luck, we wish you well.

dustyninjacat said...

Good luck!