7 March 2011

I admit, I tend to become singularly focused when I'm this close to wrapping a book up. I'm on the third pass through the manuscript, the Spouse Thingy has proofed it once, the editor is doing her thing, and Murf is eyeballing it for continuity and context errors.

Max apparently has had enough.

This was his answer to the question of "How does a kitty go about getting some attention around here?"

Buddah, on the other hand, just sits there and meows at me.

Yes, I feel guilty that they're obviously so neglected (see how thin they are? Poor babies...) but I need to get this sucker done...


Angel and Kirby said...

Just so you make it up to them when you are done!

G.G. Mueller said...

Besides, it is time to start walking. Right???