10 March 2011

My little Macbook has made me a Mac convert. Kinda sorta. So far I like it better than Windows, although I haven't had to install much software and haven't tripped over much yet...when that happens, I'm sure I'll have some Mac Sucks attitude.

But my little Mac?

That 13" screen is really small. It's all right (but just) when I'm writing, but tonight I tried to work on the book cover, and the only way I could do anything was with my nose about half an inch from the screen.

Clearly, the screen is too small.

Shuddup, it has nothing to do with my age.

Than manuscript has been through a couple of proofreaders and I've taken a couple of passes through it; every time someone combs through it they find something--a dropped letter here, an extra letter there--but for the most part it's coming together swimmingly.

Haven't gotten anything back from the editor, yet, though, so my happy tune may change to screeching death metal soon.

She's mean.



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Angel and Kirby said...

Cool! We never tried a MAC!